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The Stuffy Professor

Let’s pull those dusty classic books (including the Bible) off your shelf, dig into them, and see how much they apply to all of life–and have some fun doing it.

I believe that everybody (and every bunny) can understand great literature, apply it to their lives in meaningful ways, and have fun with it too! 

Literature–Come to Life

  • Classic literature isn’t just a bunch of old books written by people who are completely out of touch. They are, in fact, real treasure troves full of meaning about life, love, culture, absolute truth, and yes, even fun.
  • Anyone can grow to enjoy and really appreciate the “great books”–I’m living proof.
  • Each time you bring a bit of classic literature into your home, you are developing the mind and heart of your child. It’s not that hard–and your effort will most certainly pay off.
  • Getting your kids exposed to and developing their interest in “the classics” has benefits way beyond academics–you might be surprised to see what happens to them and in your family as a result.

Hello, I’m Professor David Urban

I’m a husband, father of 2, English Professor, scholar, and stuffy aficionado.
(Is there such a thing?)
Great Literature is not dead, and can even be lots of fun–and I’m living proof.

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Classic Literature for Everyone

The classics aren’t just for old folks, college English majors, and professors. In fact, the classics (including the Bible) have so much in store for everyone.

So–if you’re a parent wanting to read the books you never read, and experience the stories you never dove into, it’s never too late.

And if you’re a parent wanting to get your teens or younger kids to get their feet (or just their toes) wet in classic literature, it’s a great time. It’s not too early for elementary students either.

And of course, if you already love the classics, then there’s always oh so much more to learn and experience…..

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